Justin van der Leij

A wannabe game developer

The Website

Hey there

And welcome to my website!

It's pretty neat, huh? It has got a lot of cool features that my old website didn't have. And it also looks a lot better now.

My good friend Pablo made it for me. I added the blog myself and I'll always be tweaking it.
The cool thing about it is that it's a 'static website'.
That means I can write all my content in markdown, run a command, and it will turn it into a proper website.
As a little example, here's this blogpost itself!

Woha. Cool!

This makes it so creating content is a piece of cake. And if I ever need to change the visual representation then I can dig into the source code: Pretty much just HTML and CSS.

Furthermore I can make things italic, bold, strikethrough~, or, best of all:

public class Website 
public static void Main() {
Console.WriteLine("Inline code with syntax highlighting!")

The plan

So, what are my plans for this website and blog?

Well first off all. It's going to be hosting all of my programming related projects.
Whenever I finish something, it will be put on here.
This website will also function as my main way of putting me out there. If there's some job application I'll be sure to refer them to this website.
And if you happen to be a job recruiter looking at this blog. Hi there!

As for the blog. I want to document my "code adventures". If I do something cool I want to write about it: Share my findings. Maybe it's useful to somebody else.
That said. This won't be some sort of educational blog. If I know something and can share it that's cool. But it's mainly just documenting my learning experience.

Thank you

And that's it for now.
Thanks for reading up until this point. I hope you find it interesting and you'll be checking out more of my stuff in the future.

Cheers :)