Justin van der Leij

A wannabe game developer


Ricochet was made with Unity in 48 hours for GMTK Jam 2019.
I worked together with my good friend and composer &I.
He worked on all the music and sound effects, I did the programming, art, and level design.

The theme of the jam was "Only One". We initially had some trouble to come up with a good idea, but a sniping game where bullets could bounce sounded like a lot of fun to both of us.
Neither of us had worked on such a kind of game before yet either, which made it extra interesting.

The game got a lot of good feedback. It was mainly getting praised for the amount of atmosphere and it's presentation: Something not often seen in a jam game.

Out of 2638 entries is scores 132th in the 'Design' category and 468th overall. A result that I am quite happy with.