Justin van der Leij

A wannabe game developer

Magical Resonance

Magical Resonance was my attempt at remaking Runic Forest.
It was also made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare (44), but this time with Unity.

I worked alone in this jam. Redoing all the graphics. Rewriting the entire game. And even redoing some of the sound effects.
I reused the music since the composer &I wasn't motivated for a game jam at the time.

The result is much beyond what I had expected from myself.
I think the game looks really quite good, atleast relative to its predecessor.
Overall it's a lot easier than the previous game but it makes up for that with quite a challenging boss fight.

Making the boss fight was insanely fun to do. Having all the game mechanics come together in a thrilling battle was just really really cool.

Feedback on the game was very solid, calling it plain good, which is also reflected in the score.
Out of 1817 entries it placed 40th in the 'Fun' category and 61st in the 'Overall' category.

To date it's my highest ranking jam game.