Rogue Blast


Rogue Blast is a rogue-like made for Ludum Dare 34

Rogue Blast is one of the first - if not THE first - game I've finished.
It is a simple rogue-like drawing inspiration from 'The Binding of Isaac' and 'Nuclear Throne'.
The goal was to create a hectic enviroment where the player can kill enemies with cool items.

Early on in development I found that exploding things was quite fun.
I figured this out when I "The Compensator" (Enemies explode in a radius) hit a TNT, blowing up an enemy spawner.
Because of this fun synergy nearly all mechanics try to create explosions.

Aquired items are completely random, but often synergize with each other.
My personal favorite is "Bomberbag" + "Broken Stopwatch".
It allowes you to walk into the enemy, put down a TNT after which you can blink back to safety.

It placed 324 (3.36/5.0) on fun, setting a trend for my next games.
Reduxing this is definitly long overdue, and something I'll explore in the near future.

Downloads and links

Windows 64x
Windows 32x